Oasis Bistro: A Hidden Gem

I was looking for a nice spa when Oasis Medspa popped up. I went on to their website and I also found out that they have a restaurant, I saw the pictures of the bistro and it looked very attractive So I decided to go visit.


Oasis Bistro is located on Cameron Road at Ikoyi, Lagos. Just after the read, you can find the precise location on google maps.



I kept it really simple, I had on a nude gown with fur slides to match.


The entrance was everything. Beautiful flowers and greens surrounded the space making it very radiant and inviting. The host was standing outside, immediately I walked in, he asked if I was there for an appointment or to visit the restaurant. He showed me the way to the bistro and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Entrance to the bistro: More Greens 🌱

The Space

The outdoor space is very picturesque and it gives a sense of refreshment. The green pool, natural air, trees, potted wall plants and flowers gave the place a very cozy and warm feel. Everywhere was kept neat and clean, although some leaves from the trees were in the pool, but it’s excused as the pool is not in use. It is perfect for group dining or hangouts.

The indoor space, which also housed the bar had a very simple setting and soothing music, it is perfect for romantic dinner dates or meetings.


I sat outside when my waitress, who was very nice by the way, came to hand me the menu. It had varieties of Nigerian dish and also fast food. I always order my drink first so I ordered a mojito, I tried to order food, and then I was told there was no food, I mean how? It was already 5pm and I was still the only one in the bistro, I guess it’s because a lot of people don’t know about the place yet. I settled for my drink, it was the perfect blend.



The space is a very beautiful one, I fell in love with it. I can not say a lot about the food, because I didn’t get to eat there. I would also advise going there with friends. Its a great place but I think more work needs to be done on their advertising. I would definitely be going back for a spa treatment.

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  1. Well done girl. I love places like this and I’ll most definitely visit it.


    1. Enie says:

      Thank you 😘


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