The Orchid Bistro: Greenspiration

At this restaurant, flowers are the dish of the day – literally. I got to know about it while doing my research and trust me, I wasn’t disappointed when I got there.


It is located at Raymond Njoku Street in South West Ikoyi, Lagos. I have attached the precise location below. There is also another branch at Ikeja, would be visiting soon.


D61989EE-98DA-41FC-8F22-68C2DDF84F59I wore a maxi gown with flats and accessorized with my mini pink bag.


Such a beautiful sight! The restaurant is surrounded by attractive flowers, plant decked walls and canopies. Potted palms and trees dot the space, bringing the outside into this alluring setting.



The Space

Waltzing into the bistro, the sweet display counter is in sight, snacks, refreshments and other goodies can be seen in it. The host received and showed me to my seat.

You can admire the scenic vista outside from the indoor space. It is a very serene, peaceful and friendly atmosphere, in the surrounds of a bougainvillea.

There is also a person available to take you round the varieties of plants and flowers, telling you their names and how they are planted, I was so impressed by this.

The indoor space is perfect for romantic dinning, hanging out with friends, and good for special occasions like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Diversity in music genres make the place very lively. It is also very child-friendly.

Sitting outside, you are surrounded by bloom, green surroundings; it’s ideal for relaxed dining and makes it a romantic venue.



The bistro has a pristine, comfortable and varied menu; it has a nice choice of breakfast and dinner dishes, juices and other drinks.  I ordered for a cucumber mojito cocktail and chicken salad. My drink was served early but the food took 15-20 minutes to be served, I didn’t mind at all because I was exploring with the time. The service was awesome and I had a delightful waiter. He had the right balance of friendliness and efficiency. He and other staff members made certain that I had everything I needed.


The restaurant offers great food accompanied with a bright, beautiful and breath-taking atmosphere that guarantees that you’ll have a memorable dining experience. What a great place, it’s a must try!

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  1. Ayoola says:

    This is beautiful ❤😊


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