Lunch At Brass And Copper

I got to know about this space through Instagram. I knew when it first opened and had always wanted to visit since then.


Brass and Copper is located in the Good Hair Space Mall at Lekki. The exact location has been attached below.



I kept it casual chic in my black top with jean cargo pants and clear heels.


Upon entering, you are not prepared for the ambience that awaits. The friendly staff who welcomed me, the wooden floor, eye-catching green grasses on the mirrored wall and the soothing music being played in the background set the tone for the awesomeness Brass and Copper presents.

The Space

The eclectic decor, the natural lighting, the soft leather on the comfortable couch and the artificial turf ceiling with antique brass lighting fixtures worked wonders for the tactile and the atmosphere.

The first area in the restaurant houses the bar, it has a more party vibe where people can mingle and have fun, while the other area had a quiet feel and more personal space.

Another thing I love about the restaurant is the way attention was paid to detail. From the colors to the art on the walls and the eximious setting was just lively and mind-boggling.




I ordered first for my Tutti Fruity drink, and then for French fries and Buffalo wings. The fries were crisp and flavorful. I was already planning my next visit by the end of my meal 🙂


The overall place, its explicitly grand ambience, great food, splendid service as my attendant was available at every beck and call will definitely want to make you go back in time and experience it all over again. I highly recommend this restaurant.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. olliealley says:

    I loved this. Short, straight to the point and insightful. Now adding brass and coopers to the long long list of places I need to take my anti social self to before the year ends.


    1. Enie says:

      Thank you so much sis😘. 😂😂 you should start visiting. Trust me you’d like it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thatlagosgal says:

    So beautiful. I should visit soon.


    1. Enie says:

      Yes you should ❤️❤️


  3. mikechigo says:

    Wow! Seen heard about the place but your pictures and post makes me want to visit right away! Hey you could also add the cost implications too…not necessarily details but give us a hint to be prepared when visiting!👍🏾


    1. Enie says:

      Thank you so much. I’m going to work on that ❤️


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