My Visit to Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, Lagos.


I had always wanted to visit Bogobiri house after I stumbled on their Instagram page but I didn’t want to go alone because I needed a photographer (*wink). So I called my sister, who is also in love with art and aesthetic places, and asked her if she would like to visit Bogobiri House with me; luckily for me she was available, so we planned our visit to Bogobiri in 2 days.

My sister and I got ready together, my outfit was very simple, as i like it, I wore a vintage shirt and trousers with a pair of flats and a cute black purse.

My Outfit


We got there quite early, and immediately we entered the Bogobiri house, our fun started. Its a very beautiful place and the people there were really nice.

On entering, there was an assemblage of bicycles, a lot of welded doors and shattered mirror walls. I visited four compartments of Bogobiri.

The Market Place

The first section was a little market with African prints, crafts, ready made dresses, baskets, and other accessories for sale.

Mini Market

Entrance to The Restuarant and Bookshop

Next was the outdoor space that housed a huge statue of a man, animal statues made from scrap metal and also a spot where you can sit and chill.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bookshop

The bookshop in Bogobiri house, full of vibrant murals, more statues and a lot of books (not for sale).


At the Bookshop


Finally, food 🙂 . We walked into the restaurant, and we saw a shelf containing merchandise. The space was full of artworks and soothing music. We ordered our food (I forgot to take a picture) and drinks (fresh pineapple juice).

I really enjoyed my day, the house was very beautiful and the people there were also very nice. Would definitely go back there!

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